Nano-Micro Letters

Synthesis of 3D Hexagram-like Cobalt-Manganese Sulfides Nanosheets Grown on Nickel Foam: A Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting

Jingwei Li1, Weiming Xu1, Jiaxian Luo1, Dan Zhou1, Dawei Zhang1, Licheng Wei1, Peiman Xu1, Dingsheng Yuan1, *

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2018) 10: 6

First Online: 17 September 2017 (Article)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: tydsh@jnu.edu.cn




Fig. 1 The characterization results of CMS/Ni: a-c SEM images in different magnifications, d TEM image, e HRTEM image, f elemental mapping images, and g-i XPS spectra.

The exploration of low-cost and efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) through tuning the chemical composition is strongly required for sustainable resources. Herein, we developed a bimetallic cobalt-manganese sulfide supported on Ni foam (CMS/Ni) via a solvothermal method. It has discovered that after combining with the pure Co9S8 and MnS, the morphologies of CMS/Ni have modulated. The obtained three-dimensionally hexagram-like CMS/Ni nanosheets has a significant increase of electrochemical active surface area and charge transport ability. More than that, the synergetic effect of Co and Mn has also presented in this composite. Benefiting from these, the CMS/Ni electrode shows great performance toward hydrogen evolution reaction and oxygen evolution reaction in basic medium, comparing favorably to that of the pure Co9S8/Ni and MnS/Ni. More importantly, this versatile CMS/Ni can catalyze the water splitting in a two-electrode system at a potential of 1.47 V, and this electrolyzer can be efficiently driven by a 1.50 V commercial dry battery.



Bifunctional electrocatalysts; Oxygen evolution reaction; Hydrogen evolution reaction; Cobalt-manganese sulfides; Water splitting

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