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Facile Approach to Synthesize Gold Nanorod@Polyacrylic Acid/Calcium Phosphate Yolk-Shell Nanoparticles for Dual-Mode Imaging and pH/NIR-Responsive Drug Delivery

Guilan Li1, Yidan Chen1, Lingyu Zhang1, Manjie Zhang1, Shengnan Li1, Lu Li1, Tingting Wang2,*, Chungang Wang1, *

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2018) 10: 7

First Online: 22 August 2017 (Article)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: wangcg925@nenu.edu.cn ; wangtt@cust.edu.cn




Fig. 1 TEM images of a AuNRs; b AuNR@mSiO2 core-shell NPs; c AuNR@mSiO2@PAA-Ca core-shell NPs; d AuNR@mSiO2@PAA/CaP core-shell NPs; e AuNR@PAA/CaP yolk-shell NPs, the inset shows the SEM image of the yolk-shell NPs; f UV-Vis absorbance spectra of (I) AuNRs, (II) AuNR@mSiO2 core-shell NPs, (III) AuNR@mSiO2@PAA/CaP core-shell NPs, and (IV) AuNR@PAA/CaP yolk-shell NPs

A facile strategy to fabricate gold nanorod@polyacrylic acid/calcium phosphate (AuNR@PAA/CaP) yolk-shell nanoparticles (NPs) composed with a PAA/CaP shell and an AuNR yolk is reported. The as-obtained AuNR@PAA/CaP yolk-shell NPs possess ultrahigh doxorubicin (DOX) loading capability (1 mg DOX/mg NPs), superior photothermal conversion property (26%) and pH/near-infrared (NIR) dual-responsive drug delivery performance. The released DOX continuously increased due to the damage of the CaP shell at low pH values. When the DOX-loaded AuNR@PAA/CaP yolk-shell NPs were exposed to NIR irradiation, a burst-like drug release occurs owing to the heat produced by the AuNRs. Furthermore, AuNR@PAA/CaP yolk-shell NPs are successfully employed for synergic dual-mode X-ray computed tomography (CT)/photoacoustic (PA) imaging and chemo-photothermal cancer therapy. Therefore, this work brings new insights for the synthesis of multifunctional nanomaterials and extends theranostic applications.



Yolk-shell structure; Calcium phosphate; Dual-mode imaging; Photothermal therapy; Drug delivery

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