Nano-Micro Letters

Enhancing Capacitance Performance of Ti3C2Tx as Electrode Materials of Supercapacitor: from Controlled Preparation to Composite Structure Construction

Xiaobei Zang1, Jiali Wang1, Yijiang Qin1, Teng Wang1, Chengpeng He1, Qingguo Shao1, Hongwei Zhu2, Ning Cao1, *

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2020) 12: 77

First Online: 20 March 2020 (Review)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: caoning1982@gmail.com (Ning Cao)





Ti3C2Tx, a novel two-dimensional layer material, is widely used as electrode materials of supercapacitor due to its good metal conductivity, redox reaction active surface and so on. However, there are many challenges to be addressed which impede Ti3C2Tx obtaining the ideal specific capacitance, such as restacking, re-crushing and oxidation of titanium. Recently, many advances have been proposed to enhance capacitance performance of Ti3C2Tx. In this review, recent strategies for improving specific capacitance are summarized and compared, for example, film formation, surface modification, and composite method. Furthermore, in order to comprehend the mechanism of those efforts, this review analyses the energy storage performance in different electrolyte and influencing factors. This review is expected to predict redouble research direction of Ti3C2Tx materials in supercapacitors.



Ti3C2Tx; Capacitance performance; Storage mechanism; Electrode materials; Supercapacitor

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