Nano-Micro Letters

3D N, O-codoped Egg-box-like Carbons with Tuned Channels for High Areal Capacitance Supercapacitors

Feng Wei1, Xiaojun He1, *, Lianbo Ma2, Hanfang Zhang1, Nan Xiao3, Jieshan Qiu4, *

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2020) 12: 82

First Online: 01 April 2020 (Article)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: agdxjhe@126.com (X.J. He); qiujs@mail.buct.edu.cn (J.S. Qiu)





Functional carbonaceous materials for supercapacitors (SCs) without using acid for post-treatment remain a substantial challenge. In this paper, we present a less harmful strategy for preparing three-dimensional (3D) N, O-codoped egg-box-like carbons (EBCs) from an industrial residual. The as-prepared EBCs with opened pores in pores and egg-box-like structures provide plentiful channels for ion fast transport, ensure the effective contact of EBCs electrodes and electrolytes, and enhance the electron conduction. Moreover, the nitrogen and oxygen atoms doped in EBCs boost the electrical conductivity, improve the surface wettability of EBC electrodes and provide the pseudocapacitance. Consequently, the EBCs display a prominent areal capacitance of 39.8 mF cm-2 (340 F g-1) at 0.106 mA cm-2 in 6 M KOH electrolyte. Moreover, the EBC-based symmetric SC manifests a high areal capacitance to 27.6 mF cm-2 (236 F g-1) at 0.1075 mA cm-2, a good rate capability of 18.8 mF cm-2 (160 F g-1) at 215 mA cm-2 and a long-term cycle stability with only 1.9% decay after 50,000 cycles in aqueous electrolyte. Impressively, even in all-solid-state SC, EBC electrode shows a high areal capacitance of 25.0 mF cm-2 (214 F g-1) and energy density of 0.0233 mWh cm-2. This work provides an acid-free process to prepare electrode materials from industrial by-products for advanced energy storage devices.



Egg-box-like carbon; Opened pores in pores; Areal capacitance; All-solid-state supercapacitor

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