Nano-Micro Letters

Piezoelectric Materials for Controlling Electro-Chemical Processes

Weiqi Qian1, 4, Weiyou Yang2, *, Yan Zhang3, Chris R. Bowen3, *, Ya Yang1, 4, 5, *

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2020) 12: 149

First Online: 14 July 2020 (Review)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: weiyouyang@tsinghua.org.cn (Weiyou Yang); C.R.Bowen@bath.ac.uk (Chris R. Bowen); yayang@binn.cas.cn (Ya Yang)





Piezoelectric materials have been analyzed for over a hundred years, due to their ability to convert mechanical vibrations into electric charge or electric fields into a mechanical strain for sensor, energy harvesting and actuator applications. A more recent development is the coupling of piezoelectricity and electro-chemistry, termed piezo-electro-chemistry, whereby the piezoelectric induced electric charge or voltage under a mechanical stress can influence electro-chemical reactions. There is growing interest in such coupled systems, with a corresponding growth in the number of associated publications and patents. This review focuses on recent development of the piezo-electro-chemical coupling multiple systems based on various piezoelectric materials. It provides an overview of the basic characteristics of piezoelectric materials, compared operating conditions, and their overall electrochemical performance. The reported piezo-electro-chemical mechanisms are examined in detail. Comparisons are made between the range of material morphologies employed and typical operating conditions are discussed. In addition, potential future directions and applications for the development of piezo-electro-chemical hybrid systems are described. This review provides a comprehensive overview of recent studies on how piezoelectric materials and devices have been applied to control electro-chemical processes, with an aim to inspire and direct future efforts in this emerging research field.



Piezoelectric materials, Piezoelectric effect, Electro-chemistry, Piezo-electro-chemistry

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