Nano-Micro Letters

High-performance Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors base on Prospective 1-D nanomaterials

Dandan Zhao1,2, Ying Wang1, Yafei Zhang1,*

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Nano-Micro Letters, , Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 62-71
Publication Date (Web): April 30, 2011 (Review)




Figure 1 Different 1-D nanomaterial morphologies: SEM images of (a) LiMn2O4 nanowires (from Ref. [7]), (b) carbon nanofibers (from Ref. [45]), (c) NiMoO4•nH2O nanorods (from Ref. [16]), (d) V2O5 nanoribbons (from Ref. [14]), and (e) Co3O4 nanotubes (from Ref. [23]); and (f) TEM micrograph of carbon nanotubes (from Ref. [29]).

One-dimensional (1-D) nanomaterials with superior specific capacity, higher rate capability, better cycling peroperties have demonstrated significant advantages for high-performance Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors. This review describes some recent developments on the rechargeable electrodes by using 1-D nanomaterials (such as LiMn2O4 nanowires, carbon nanofibers, NiMoO4·nH2O nanorods, V2O5 nanoribbons, carbon nanotubes, etc.). New preparation methods and superior electrochemical properties of the 1-D nanomaterials including carbon nanotube (CNT), some oxides, transition metal compounds and polymers, and their composites are emphatically introduced. The VGCF/LiFePO4/C triaxial nanowire cathodes for Li-ion battery present a positive cycling performance without any degradation in almost theoretical capacity (160 mAh/g). The Si nanowire anodes for Li-ion battery show thehighest known theoretical charge capacity (4277 mAh/g), that is about 11 times lager than that of the commercial graphite (~372 mAh/g). The SWCNT/Ni foam electrodes for supercapacitor display small equivalent series resistance (ESR, 52 mΩ) and impressive high power density (20 kW/kg).The advantages and challenges associated with the application of these materials for energy conversion and storage devices are highlighted.



One-dimensional nanomaterials; Li-ion battery; Supercapacitor; Electrochemical property


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