Nano-Micro Letters

Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of one-dimensional CdS@TiO2 core-shell heterostructures

Hongwei Wei1, Le Wang2, Zhipeng Li1, Shouqing Ni1Quanqin Zhao1,*

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Nano-Micro Letters, , Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 6-11
Publication Date (Web): March 31, 2011 (Article)




Figure 1 XRD patterns of a) neat CdS nanowires and of b) nanoparticles-modified 1D CdS@TiO2 core-shell heterostructure. The stick spectral represent the standard reflections of anatase TiO2 and hexagonal CdS.

One-dimensional CdS@4TiO2 core-shell heterostructures were fabricated via the hydrolysis of tetrabutyl titanate (TBT) on the preformed CdS nanowires. The as-prepared products were characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, selected area electron diffraction and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy techniques. Results demonstrated that the hydrolysis of TBT had a great influence on the morphology of the coated TiO2 shell, resulting in the formation of TiO2 nanoparticles and nanolayer-modified CdS@4TiO2 heterostructures. Degradation of methylene blue using CdS@4TiO2 core-shell heterostructures as photocatalysts under visible light irradiation was investigated. Comparative photocatalytic tests showed that the TiO2 nanoparticles-modified heterostructure exhibited a superior activity due to the passivity of photogenerated charge carriers.



One-dimensional CdS@TiO2 heterostructures; Photocatalysis; Methylene blue; Morphology; Mechanism


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