Nano-Micro Letters

A Self-Powered Fast-Response Ultraviolet Detector of p-n Homojunction Assembled from Two ZnO-Based Nanowires

Yumei Wang1,2,#, Ying Chen1,#, Wanqiu Zhao1, Longwei Ding1, Li Wen1, Haixia Li1, Fan Jiang1, Jun Su1, Luying Li1, Nishuang Liu1, Yihua Gao1,*

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2017) 9: 11

First Online:05 October 2016 (Article)





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Nowadays, fabrication of micro/nano-scale electronic devices with bottom-up approach is paid much research interest. Here, we provide a novel micro/nano-assembling method, which is accurate and efficient, especially suitable for the fabrication of micro/nano-scale electronic devices. By using this method, a self-powered ZnO/Sb-doped ZnO nanowire p-n homojunction ultraviolet detector (UVD) was fabricated, and the detailed photoelectric properties were tested. At reverse bias of −0.1 V under UV light illumination, the photoresponse sensitivity of the UVD was 26.5, and the rise/decay time of the UVD was as short as 30 ms. The micro/nano-assembling method has wide potential applications in fabrication of specific micro/nano-scale electronic devices.



Zinc oxide; Micro/nano-assembling; p-n homojunction; Ultraviolet photodetector


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