Nano-Micro Letters

Engineering and Optimization of Silicon-Iron-Manganese Nano Alloy Electrode for Enhanced Lithium-ion Battery

Pankaj K Alaboina1, Jong-Soo Cho1, Sung-Jin Cho1,*

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2017) 9: 41

First Online: 06 February 2017 (Article)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: scho1@ncat.edu




Fig. 4 a Formation Cycle at 0.1C rate of not-pressed, 3 ton pressed, 5 ton pressed, and 8 ton pressed electrodes. b Electrochemical Impedance measurements of the same samples after 1st Cycle at 0.5C rate. c Delithiation cycling capacity of the same samples over 100 cycles at 0.5C rate. d Delithiation capacity retention of the same samples over 100 cycles at 0.5C. (Potential window = 0.01-1.5 V, active material loading ~2 mg cm-2, and 1C = 620 mA g-1)

The electrochemical performance of a battery is considered to be primarily dependent on the electrode material. However, engineering and optimization of electrodes also play a crucial role, and the same electrode material can be designed to offer significantly improved batteries. In this work, Si-Fe-Mn nanomaterial alloy (Si/Alloy) and graphite composite electrodes were densified at different calendering conditions of 3, 5, and 8 tons, and its influence on electrode porosity, electrolyte wettability, and long term cycling was investigated. The active material loading was maintained very high (~2 mg cm-2) to implement electrode engineering close to commercial loading scales. The densification was optimized to balance between the electrode thickness and wettability to enable the best electrochemical properties of the Si/Alloy anodes. In this case, engineering and optimizing the Si/Alloy composite electrodes to 3 ton calendering (electrode densification from 0.39 to 0.48 g cm-3) showed enhanced cycling stability with a high capacity retention of ~100% over 100 cycles.



Electrode engineering; Silicon nanoalloy; Calendering effect; Electrolyte wettability; High density silicon anode

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